Tuesday, February 12, 2013

L'Alpina: Classic Cycling in Italy

Fans of classic Campy, this is your event: L'Alpina

Two days of vintage cycling in Italy, July 6 and 7. Wow!

Check it out at www.alpinavintage.it/bike/en


  1. Geez, those hills make my knees hurt just watching! There is no way on God's Green Earth I could get up those without my leg falling off

  2. These events are all over Italy these days. We're putting together a couple of bici d'epoca ourselves to take part in the future. A pre '87 Bianchi and a newer, but still in the spirit (Columbus SLX, lugged construction, downtube shifter bosses, etc.) TOMI will be our mounts. We'll NOT go whole-hog on the vintage parts for the exact reason Fia Mao posted - 8-speed era triple groupsets controlled by downtube shifters and brakes with exposed cables are enough!